Thursday, January 19, 2006

4 Jobs I've Had

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The first job I ever had (with an actual paycheck) was as a cashier in an autoparts store. I started when I was 15 and worked there off and on through college. This was a fun job for a young girl - lots of men.

I worked in a box printing company. I was bored to death and it was dirty. There were huge rolls of white paper (like 3 people tall) that got fed into printing machines. The paper always got stuck and paper would be wasted because the ink printed crooked and then the ink would run out. It was also very noisy. I didn't last long here.

I worked as a sales person in a discount coat factory. Yawn. Less than a month.

I was a bartender and then a bookkkeeper in a GoGo bar. There's a whole other world out there, peopled by women who earned money to buy a hit by having sex in public bathrooms, men who are heartbroken because these same women do not love them deeply and children being taken away from their parents. Drugs, sex and rock-n-roll. I didn't last here long either.


Blogger Nics said...

I've only had three paying jobs.
Babysitting from 13 onwards - I don't mind babysitting even if the kids are slightly hyper, they all go to sleep eventually.

in the delicatessen part of a supermarket: I worked at this job for ten months when I was 16. I hated it. I came home smelling of grease and dirty ovens and cheese. I very nearly became a vegetarian because of it.

And since then I've been working in a better smelling section of retail. It has its moments when I'm close to swearing at customers before walking out but I'm still there and I like it, five years has got to say something for it!

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