Monday, January 16, 2006

5 weird(?) things about me

This is better than the topic I was going to suggest.

I count. I count just in my head. I don’t actually count things. I start at one and keep counting until something better comes along. I count to fall asleep, I count in the shower, and I count when I’m bored. I think this is some sort of psychological disease. Don’t tell anyone I do this.

I drink Diet Coke. I do not any other form of Coke or any other diet cola. I will drink water if a restaurant does not have diet coke. I will drink nothing before I would drink a diet Pepsi.

I always have the TV on at home. I rarely watch it, but I need the sound. TV was my best friend growing up. I have to have it on to go to sleep. I turn down the brightness, so the light doesn’t keep me awake and only play the sound. I prefer having on shows I’ve seen and liked, especially ancient history shows.

I don’t answer my phone without at least screening my calls. Even then I may not answer. It makes everyone crazy. I even do this at work. It is my belief that my phone is for my convenience not yours. I hate phones.

I refuse to make coffee, anywhere, anytime, and for no one. I don’t drink coffee. I don’t like coffee. It makes me crankier than I already am. I learned a longtime ago, that if I tell people I just don’t have a talent for it and that it comes out yucky, they don’t ask me.


Blogger Jadzia said...

I also believe the phone is for my convenience not the caller's hehee.

And I, too, like to have the TV on a lot, but I've noticed lately that if I don't turn it on as soon as I get home, I don't notice that it's not on. If I turn it on as soon as I get home, it stays on until I go to bed...

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