Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My brother, the Angel (literally his name)

I have 1 younger brother. His name is José Angel, which was also my late dad's name. He is a bit over 2 yrs younger than me, born on Jan 27 1981. He goes by Angel (Spanish pronunciation Ahn-hell). Like I said, literally an Angel. That's what everyone thinks at least. I was the black sheep in my house. I did well in school, although he didn't, but conduct-wise I was the rebel, while he was moreconformingg. We're more even now haha.

In the beginning, I didn't want a sibling. I was very happy being an only child. When he was born, I wanted my parents to give him away. "Why don't we throw him in the trash, daddy? Mom won't notice!"... Um, I guess she would, or so my dad said. Why would anyone notice he was missing? He didn't do anything of importance, just lied there, cried and whined about everything. He wore diapers until he was like 3 yrs old! Big baby.

He used to follow me everywhere. Sometimes it was nice not to have to look for a playmate, but I'd get sick of him quickly. "MOoooomm, Angel is following me again!!". I guess that's a little brother's job, to follow around his big sister. My parents insisted that it was because he admired me so. I thought he was very annoying. Plus, if he ever did something wrong (which, to his credit, wasn't often), it'd be MY fault, because I'm OLDER and I should've known better. Hello? I'm not THAT much older... Geez. Once, he got the mumps while we were jumping up and down on a bed at my grandma's house. He fell off the bed and his neck started swelling up. So of course, I was accused of throwing him off the bed and that was why his neck was swollen. Nevermind that I didn't push him at all, and that his neck was swelling due to the mumps. Adorable, sweet little Angel had been bullied by evil Leonora once again! Eventually, the whole thing was cleared but no one said "We're so sorry to have accused you..." Bleh. I'm over it. Sorta. Ha.

Although he was annoying, we had a lot of friends in common. I was a bit of a tomboy; though I always liked dolls, I also loved Nintendo, Legos, Tinkertoys, and Thundercats. He had a lot of boy friends my age, so I'd tag along with them. Our neighbors across the street, one brother was my age, and the other was my brother's age. Ironically, I got along better with the younger one, and my brother with the older one. Another boy, Miguel, lived 2 blocks over. Ooh I liked him so! SO CUTE. We'd think of ways of distracting my brother so we could be alone. I was 9 yrs old by the way...

I used to beat him up all the time. Isn't that what older siblings do? My parents would warn me that one day he'd get bigger and hit me back. HA! That little rat? He'll never be bigger than me... (Ooops, he is though. 6'2 to my 5'9. And he DID hit me back once. OUCH!).

After my parents divorced, my brother and I would spend the night with my dad almost every Saturday. Sunday morning we'd get up early and have breakfast. Honestly, having my brother there made the divorce easier. It was like 2 families... My mom, my brother and I. My dad, my brother and I. My brother and I were the constant in those 2 equations.

Even so, during junior high school and especially during high school, I basically pretended I didn't have a brother. I was much more interested in making out with my boyfriend, and going out with my friends, than whatever he was doing.

During this time that I was ignoring my brother, he became cool. WHat?! How did this happen?? I was so busy with my boyfriend that I didn't notice. But he slowly acquired friends and more friends, while I was just with the one boyfriend. After I broke up with that boyfriend, I had another one. Meanwhile, my brother made more friends.

One time, after I had moved to San Diego, broke up with any boyfriend I might've had, and was all depressed and lonely, I attended my brother's birthday. This is when I saw the multitude of friends he had acquired. How many people can my mom's house fit?? We stayed up until 9am the next morning, and I couldn't believe how much fun I'd had with my little, annoying brother and his friends. They were so much fun!

These days, my brother and I get along so great. I'm good friends with some of his friends, and when I hang out with them I don't feel like an annoying little sibling tagging along with her cooler brother. I love him so much, and I no longer wish I was an only child =p He's a really cool brother to have, and not just socially cool, but an overall great person.

He currently lives with my mom, in the house we were raised in. Though no longer in the same house, we're very close. I think it's BECAUSE we're not in the same house haha. He is gonna be 25 in 2 days (I can't believe he passed my age! LOL, I kid but some people do believe he is older than me, he's physically a lot bigger than I am now), and graduated from college this past December. I'm so proud of that little bugger! And I'm very excited about his party! They are always tons of fun. It's gonna be a whole weekend of celebration, since it is the big 2-5.

If you wanna see my annoying, wonderful little brother, visit his blog. It's in mostly Spanish, but he has a ton of pics.


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I like your brother's beard. He sounds like fun. I used to beat my younger brother up too until he got bigger than me.

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