Thursday, January 19, 2006

My four jobs

I've only had four jobs! Ironic.

1) First job: Cashier/Server @ Haagen Dazs/TCBY/Mrs. Fields. A concession at the San Diego International Airport (Lindbergh Field). Owned by my aunt Victoria, otherwise I'd have lasted 2 hrs. Instead, I was there off and on (mostly on) for 3 yrs. I started late Dec 1997; I was 19. I forget how I was conned into working there, and with my AUNT... Let's just say she's not easy to work for, or with. But I was forced to get a job because I ran up the phone bill really high and my mom got mad. Oops. Where I come from, kids don't get jobs until they're out of college, or maybe in college they may work in something related to the major. But other than that, getting a job to have spending money is practically unheard of. This is why my first job was until I was 19. Back to the job... The good stuff was being able to eat a lot of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and cookies. Also, the assistant manager was cute, and I had a crush on him the entire time I worked there (but we never went out boo). The bad stuff was gaining about 25 lbs in about 2 months (weirdly, though, a YEAR after I started... huh?), and the fact that I just do not have the personality to work in food services and for people. I hate people basically. I think they're all idiots. Except me, of course. And you guys haha. Well I don't know you, but you seem nice. But seems like the moment someone becomes my customer, they lose IQ points within seconds. I'm very impatient, and suck at being fake-nice, so that was definitely not the job for me.

2) Second job: Knowing I suck at customer service, I went and got another CS job. This time at an outbound call center called Newgen. Located in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego. This job sucked so much, but it was really good money. I averaged about $11/12 an hour, and worked about 6 hrs a day, from 7am to 1pm. This was good money for a student back in 2000. The job was making courtesy reminder calls to people who needed to service their vehicle, on behalf of the dealership where they bought it. People would sign up for this, but oh how quickly they forgot. "Where did you get this number?" "Who is this??" "How do you know what kind of car I drive??" "I don't have a 1998 F150!! Oh, you mean the black truck?? Who knows when it was last serviced, they said not to worry for 30K miles!!!". Yep, that was said to me on a daily basis. I ended up being, um, "let go"... because I told some dude that he was being difficult for no reason and he didn't like that. So he tattled on me. Oops. Ah well, that job was like drugs... I wouldn't have left it until I was forced to, even though it was hurting me so. I also really liked my coworkers so they made it more bearable. I lasted a little under 2 yrs.

3) Third job: So, I hated being on the phone all day, so what do I do? Get another call center job. This time inbound. I thought, at least people call ME and they know what they want, right? WRONG. Aradiant provided operator-assisted text messaging services for pagers. This was in the old school days before text messaging on phones, and all that. Well, it overlapped with that, but our customers were mostly hospitals and truck lines. This used to be located in Kearny Mesa (San Diego), but has now outsourced the call center to Tijuana, México (ironically, my hometown). I worked the night shift, 9pm to 1am, because it paid more. It was a lot quieter at night, and I liked it. But oh the pranksters... they do not sleep. "Did you know your phone number spells out 1-800-vagina?? HAHAHAHA". I didn't but thanks for the info. Too bad it's not my pager anyway. "I'm calling about the job ad on the paper for an office assistant". Um, it's 11pm, this is the after hours answering service. Who calls about a job at 11pm?!?! Loser. I lasted less than a year, because I was a temp and they didn't hire me permanently because I didn't want to work nights anymore and they couldn't offer me another schedule. This job sucked big balls, but that is where I met my wonderful friend Stephany, who later became my roommate for a year and a half, who spoiled me by being such an awesome roommate that I want to live alone now rather than finding another roommate (she lives with her bf now), and who is one of my besteststststs friends ever.

4) Fourth job. My current job! I am a Claims Associate at a pretty famous insurance company that I don't want to name now because I hear of people getting fired for blogging (whether it's about the job or not). So I figure I'll play it safe. I started out as a temporary receptionist at the Auto Claims division, and I loved that office so much I still miss it. But my contract ended, and they offered me a position at the Property Claims office, where I am now. It's a much more mellow office than Auto, but nice nonetheless. I basically answer the phone and play dumb all day. I do menial tasks like faxing, copying, filing, and the mail. It's nice though, better than any of my other jobs. This is my first full time job (8 hrs!), and the day actually goes by faster than my other (part-time) jobs. I'm a grown up! HA ok no.


Blogger goldennib said...

I understand not eing inclined towards customer service. I never did well when dealing with the public. I have a low tolerance of bullshit and assholes. Those people that think because they are paying for something it gives them the right to be rude and obnoxious.

4:37 AM  
Blogger Jadzia said...

yea seriously, especially (and i fell bad for saying this) older people, they are so bad. just because you work in food or retail services doesn't meant you're a SERVANT. i mean honestly =p

5:29 PM  

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