Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Siblings? Wow, this post might be long for me.

I am the oldest of 5. I was raised with my oldest younger sister, now 27 years old. She is....to put it gently...a little psycho. I love her and she has many good qualities, but I honestly believe she may have a personality disorder or two. She's on her 5th pregnancy with her new fiance. The first three, my two adorable nieces and nephew are in the custody of their father in Virginia. The fourth nephew was given up for adoption at birth. I unfortunately have little contact with the older as I think they are afraid since me and my sister are live so close together down here in TX that I might give their information to her.

You see, She's really flaky, irresponsible, lies a lot, and so much more. Actually, come to think of it, she may be bipolar but I'm no doctor. Anyway, She lives a couple hours from me and after a year of taking care of her and her bills when she lived with me, I'm done. I'm hoping this new Fiance loves her as much as I think he does and he'll be able to take her and her issues on. Her occupation lately has been in the restaurant biz, but she never keeps a job more then 6 months.

My second sibling is 20, she lives in VA. She's actually not my relative by blood but my Dad started dating her mom when she was pregnant and single so, my Dad after marrying, adopted her. She's always known my Dad has her Dad so I've always thought of her as more of a half sister. I just found out YESTERDAY that she married her what I thought was just a boyfriend on New Years eve. I came across her website by accident yesterday and saw Wedding photos. SHOCK! She's majoring in child physiology and loves kids. But she won't be getting anything off her registry from me. j/k but it would've been nice to have at least gotten a call about it. ;)

My two youngest are my brothers. One is 14, he'll be 15 in 2 weeks. He stands 6 feet 4 inches tall. which is totally not fair since I'm only 5 foot. (well 4 Ft 11 and 3 quarters, heehee) Other then that he looks most like me and has a good voice for singing like me. He also plays guitar. He wants to be a Movie director when he grows up.

My youngest brother is a whopping 20 years younger then me at age 10. He's really into sports, music, and nature. He wants to own a zoo. (I think it's cute that zookeeper is not enough, he wants to OWN it) He's a character.


Blogger Jadzia said...

Your little brother sounds adorable!
Your other brother is TALL! That was my dad's height. My "little" brother is "only" 6'2. But it's ok because I'm 5'9. I was miserable as a teen being so tall, but I love it now. Although sometimes I'll like a cute guy who's a bit shorter, and though I don't personally mind, I find I prefer taller guys. I'm a bit overweight and taller guys make that less noticeable, for me at least =p I think if I was lanky I wouldn't care either way.

5:58 PM  
Blogger goldennib said...

What an interesting group. I think I would be overwhelmed by so many brothers and sisters.

4:40 AM  

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