Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Entertain me!

Okay, the blogging world has been craptastically slow lately. So slow, that I have decided to end the madness and urge our Test For Echo bloggers to blog about whatever is a "thumbs up" for the day/week and whatever is a "thumbs down" for the week! Here are mine!

People in my office who don't do their #$&*!@ jobs right, but never, EVER get into any kind of trouble. Those people really burn my buscuits.

I get paid today. My honey now works 3 floors above me and we are going to have some lunch downtown today. AND...tonight I'm going SHOPPING :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Test for Echo

Howdy everyone.
Been playing w/the blog.
I hope everyone likes the header!

I'm planning on getting in there and playing w/the colors of the links and headlines and what-not too so thta it all matches :)

Yay for customization!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I guess technically this is a NEW topic… but it's another day... and I'm bored... so... yea...

one of my favorite ways to unwind is to watch TV…

and I have a new guilty pleasure… and ooooh it’s such a pleasure…

It’s called Supernatural… and I DARE you (if you’re a girl) to NOT love this show (and the pretty)…

for one… they totally NAIL the brotherly dynamic… the joking snark with love and concern to back it up… and while I don’t normally like scary movies… I really enjoy how well done this show is… ok… so it’s got it’s problems (hey it IS the WB afterall)… like the monster of the week isn’t always the greatest (last week was more of a texas chainsaw deal and that has my skin crawling just thinking about it)… and some of the girls of the week have been pretty lame (Cassie I’m looking at you…)… but the atmosphere and the interesting stories keep me coming back… I was a big X-Files fan back in the day (I’m a dork… what can I say… hehe…) so this show is very cool to me…

Plus you know… the pretty


I’ve been a fan of Jensen Ackles since I was addicted to Days of our Lives back in the late 90’s…don’t ask… soooooooooo hot… and snarky… which makes him even MORE hot…

and Jared Padalecki… he’s new to me… but soo very cute too…

I like thrillers… and this show has had me scared on more than one occasion… the writing is decent… and the boys can act…

So what’s one of YOUR TV guilty pleasures… (and don’t say American Idol… cause even if you HATE that show… you still love it… just admit it… it’s ok… everyone already knows)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday's Topic - $$$ Money $$$

If you suddenly received One Million After Tax Dollars, what would you do with it?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

VD Tag

You all will be happy to know I tagged you with this just for VD.

The rules are:1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.2. You have to mention the sex of the target.3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they've been tagged.4. If tagged the 2nd time, there's no need to post again.

Ah Yes

Valentines day is THE WORST day to work in a chocolate store especially one owned by a nazi boss. Last yeah i had the pleasure to experience this and it was quite the event. i dipped probably two hundred strawberries that day arg sorry tangent this wasn't what i was going to write about.

The reason that i dislike valentines day is not because i have never shared it with someone and it is not because i seem to be perpetually single. The reason i dislike this holiday is because it is a crappy way to make up for all the unromantic things your respective lover has done in the past year. If people were actually good husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends valentines day wouldn't be anything special because they would treat their significant other's extraordinarily all year round its like christmas.....sort of anyhow that is my take and i do realize ou can't buy someone flowers and take them out to dinner EVERY day of the year but yeah

Monday, February 13, 2006

Topic 2: Commercialized Holidays

I'll jump in and start Topic number 2 since it was my idea in the first place. ;P

I decided it was fitting to talk about Holidays and Marketing since the dreaded (to me anyway) V DAY is tomorrow.

I HATE Valentine's day. I didn't use to when I was married of course...I had someone to share it with. But this is an entire Day dedicated to people in love and it TOTALLY sucks for those NOT in a relationship.

I was at the grocery store earlier to pick up a prescription. There was a chocolate fountain running in the front of the store, with an employee dipping strawberries into it while customers waited to buy their "Fresh Dipped strawberries". There were pink Mylum balloons EVERYWHERE that said things like "I love you" and "Be Mine". This tops it though, There was an immaculate Coca Cola display of 12 packs that was shaped into a huge heart. The thing must've consisted of several hundred. Teddy bears and roses a million.....It made me nauseous.

My best friend told me earlier that she didn't get the big deal and that it seemed kind of sad to sum up a relationship in one day and rate the person your with on their gift/where they take you to dinner. She's married. She will probably get flowers though, because of the kind a guy her husband is, they just won't go out and make a big deal.

Who knows? Maybe catch me in a few years when I'm ( hopefully) in a relationship and maybe I will have changed my tune.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How My Father Retarded a Cure for MS

When I attended elementary school, every year, we held the "MS Read-a-thon," which raised money for multiple sclerosis research. For those of you who never sat through a schoolwide assembly touting the MS Read-a-thon (where we were encouraged by the principal to "applaud politely, or if you can't do that, sit on your hands"), one collects names of sponsors who pledge X amount of money for every book one reads during the fundraising drive.

Back in my day, sponsors typically pledged about five cents or 25 cents for every book we read. If one was lucky enough to get two bits (25 cents) from a sponsor, one nearly fell off the porch. ("Hold on there, Vanderbilt! A whole quarter-dollar? This will leapfrog the development of MS research into the next decade!") I'm sure the going rate now is more akin to a dollar or so.

Anyway, my father had a weekly mah-jong game with a couple buddies from work, and one of them whipped out the Read-a-thon pamphlet and asked them to sponsor his daughter.

Instead of politely saying "no," my father had to play Cliff Clavin and go into a lecture about why children should read for the love of reading and not for money, even in the name of a good cause.

Come forward two decades. I was best man at the wedding of one of my childhood friends, and I walked around the ballroom during the reception. At the table where my mother and brother sat was also an older couple who looked familiar. They were my next-door neighbors where I lived in my childhood. She was wheelchair bound and could hardly speak, could hardly hold up her head to speak to me. Diagnosis? Multiple sclerosis.

After hearing that, I walked outside and shook my fist at the sky.

"Do you see her, dad?" I screamed. "We could have come up with a cure for her, except you were too high and mighty to give that little girl 20 cents for reading Beezus and Ramona and The Mouse and the Motorcycle! Damn you! Damn you to hell!"

Then the police showed up at the Olive Garden and took me away.

The moral of the story: Don't scream outside Olive Garden, especially at a wedding reception.

Did I mention I'm in therapy? It's...good.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Weekly Topic?

Tamie has given me an idea. How about we take turns picking a weekly topic to debate? That way it'll keep this blog from becoming a ghost town.
This is what I propose:
On Monday of everyweek, one writer picks a topic and writes about their views on said topic.
They then, pick one other writer at the end of their entry to lead the next weeks discussion. Other writers can add entries throughout the week on their opinions.
We'll rotate out every week.
So Tamie has already started this week's, "Children and Fundraising"
(We just have to all agree if anything gets heated we can just be civil to each other)
Sound good?

BTW--Andy, you started this..where the heck are ya?

it's a question of good manners

First... Let me apologize for the long post :)

Working for a big company… well… any company really… you get the obligatory charity / fundraiser crap pretty regularly… and here at the AT&Tizzle… there being 200 people in my office… about 50 of which I know by name and interact with on a regular daily basis… I get it A LOT…

and normally I don’t mind spending a little money for a good cause… I’m usually good for at least $20… and this being girl scout cookie time… you’d better believe that I’ve been hit up quite a few times… and I was a girl scout… for longer than I’d care to share (ok FINE… I was 14 when I finally quit… 14… jeezie creezie… hehe… it was almost the girl equivalent to an eagle scout… almost…) and so of course I’ll buy some…

but here’s my issue…it’s a question of etiquette… and I’d like everyone’s opinion… so far I’ve bought a total of 12 boxes… from 4 different people… you know… spread the love… but at $4 a box… that’s all the love I can spare this month… now these have all been bought from the children of my co-workers… my friends at the company… now another co-worker (in my dept.)… who from my personal blog… I call über xian lady (don't ask... long story)… has brought in another cookie order form… for her good family friend’s granddaughter



and she’s telling this story about how the little girl has pneumonia and can’t sell her own cookies… and she has to sell all of these TODAY because the little girl has to turn her sheet in TOMORROW... and every person that walks by her desk (she sits right behind me) gets to hear this sob story... and I’m really sorry that she’s sick but… um… can’t her PARENTS sell the cookies for her at THEIR works… or her GRANDPARENTS… or neighbors… or anything…

maybe I’m being heartless… but every month I have my co-workers kids selling gift wrap… or tupperware… or candy… or coupon books… and enough is enough… I mean what would you guys do…I feel like if I don’t buy some from her… I’m being rude… or mean… or whatever... but I don’t think it’s fair to solicit like this…

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Don't you hate it when you're driving down the road, and your contact lens pops out? Yeah, me too.