Monday, February 13, 2006

Topic 2: Commercialized Holidays

I'll jump in and start Topic number 2 since it was my idea in the first place. ;P

I decided it was fitting to talk about Holidays and Marketing since the dreaded (to me anyway) V DAY is tomorrow.

I HATE Valentine's day. I didn't use to when I was married of course...I had someone to share it with. But this is an entire Day dedicated to people in love and it TOTALLY sucks for those NOT in a relationship.

I was at the grocery store earlier to pick up a prescription. There was a chocolate fountain running in the front of the store, with an employee dipping strawberries into it while customers waited to buy their "Fresh Dipped strawberries". There were pink Mylum balloons EVERYWHERE that said things like "I love you" and "Be Mine". This tops it though, There was an immaculate Coca Cola display of 12 packs that was shaped into a huge heart. The thing must've consisted of several hundred. Teddy bears and roses a million.....It made me nauseous.

My best friend told me earlier that she didn't get the big deal and that it seemed kind of sad to sum up a relationship in one day and rate the person your with on their gift/where they take you to dinner. She's married. She will probably get flowers though, because of the kind a guy her husband is, they just won't go out and make a big deal.

Who knows? Maybe catch me in a few years when I'm ( hopefully) in a relationship and maybe I will have changed my tune.


Blogger goldennib said...

Ah, the joyous V-day. I think there's a very good reason there was a massacre on this day. Some guy couldn't take the pressure of trying to come up with a gift that would prove to the neighbors how much he loved his wife, so he killed a few guys.

My husband and I are reverse snobs. We don't participate in highly advertised displays of affection. We'll get each other goofy cards and that's about it. We try to apreciate each other daily.

Since he gives me his paycheck and I decide what to do with the money, we can't see spending $50 on flowers that are going to be dead in 2 days. Just so I can show my co-workers that he cares? Don't think so.

He cooks dinner every night, because I hate coming home and cooking. I pack his lunchbox each morning so he doesn't forget to eat during the day. It's these kinds of things that say I love you.

I personally hate anything that has been commercialized. The stress is just too desperate.

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