Thursday, March 23, 2006


I have had some pretty wack dreams as of late, one containing a talking frog that was really hungry, anyhow tell me your weird dreams current or past i am very curious.


Blogger Jo said...

I've had re-occuring dreams about falling lately....specifically in a car going over an overpass.
Freaky huh? I'm developing a fear of heights. Seriously.
That quack Freud would probably say it's stress and a fear of failure but I'm taking the access roads from here on out.

3:33 AM  
Blogger Jadzia said...

I have weird dreams every single night. Sometimes they are like continuations of my day, except that when I think about them the next day, whatever happened is just too impossible.

I have recurring dreams that take place in my grandma's house. My dreams take place there very often, and the house is basically the same as in real life but with a few changes to fit the situation. Usually, it's not supposed to be my grandma's house, it's supposed to be work, school, the mall, someone's cabin in the woods. It's really odd. Like the other night I dreamt I was supposed to be at my friend Stephany's house, but it was my grandma's house. My grandma usually isn't in the dream (she passed away almost 3 months ago, but even before then she wasn't in them).

I also have a recurring dream about my dad. My dad died May 31st 2004. Not long after he died I started dreaming that I saw him. That he came over to visit me, or that I went to his house. Once I even dreamt that I saw him driving by and I was so confused because in all of these dreams, I'm aware that he is supposed to be dead. Sometimes I talk to him, and I ask him stuff related to his dying, but usually he doesn't answer me. When he does answer, it's a random conversation like the ones we had in real life before his passing.

I also have dreams where I have conversations with (living) people in my life, conversations that I guess I wish I could have, that I just don't have the time/guts/mind to. If something happens at work and I go home feeling that I should've said this or that to whomever, it usually happens in my dream. I've gotten a lot of closure on a lot of situations that way =)

I could go on and on about my dreams, but I will spare you. But my dreams are really, really odd. Very hard to explain and I wish I could make movies out of them (not commecial movies in a theater but a way to show them to others when I tell them about it!) I looooooove dreaming.

11:15 AM  

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