Sunday, April 30, 2006

Five Firsts

1. What is the first story you remember?

An Austrian fairy tale about the horrible things that happen to a child that does not take care of his personal hygiene. The boy dies, because his fingernails grow so long he can’t eat or perform any other bodily functions. Oh, and rats nest in his hair because he doesn’t comb it.

2. Who was your first love?

When I was five, it was a boy that lived next door in North Carolina. He followed me every where and did whatever I wanted. He often got in trouble because of me. I played with his guns while he played with my dolls. He never married.

3. Where was your first home that you paid for yourself?

I rented an efficiency apartment over a grocery on the main street in a small town. I watched the drunks and drug dealers from my front windows for evening entertainment. I was one block from the railroad tracks and I had a roof top courtyard (the tar-paper-covered roof of the grocery store.)

4. When did you realize you were a “grown up”?

When I decided I couldn’t quit my job because I was annoyed. I walked out on many jobs throughout my twenties without one backward glance. Now, I think fifteen million times before breathing funny.

5. How often do you change your socks?

Every time they ask for it.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Best Wedding Photo. Ever.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Workers of the World - Hang Out?

here's the set up...
Nine Inch Nails is one of my FAVORITE groups of ALL TIME…(when I was a teenager… I had Trent posters and pictures ALL OVER MY ROOM AND MY LOCKER… he was like my number one crush… I still have a picture up on my wall of him holding this dead deer... like laying on the forest floor holding it – le sigh… when he was rocking the Victorian goth look from the perfect drug video… and oh Closer is STILL my favorite music video EVER and is in my top 5 song list of all time)

so they’re playing in my area in a couple of months…

I am really excited… and I REALLY want to go… (even though the cheap seats are like $100)

updated... not sure WHY I didn't check the bands official website before... but apparently tickets aren't even on SALE YET... so I don't know WHERE these sites are getting the $100-$500 ticket prices... so yea... I might be able to get good seats for a lot less money...

They’re touring for With Teeth… but they might even be promoting the Downward Spiral 10 year anniversary CD that was released earlier this year… and that makes me happy like nothing else… because I was denied access to see THAT show way back in the day because the CD had been banned at my school (fuck you Tipper Gore) and my parents said “NO WAY”


So anyway… I asked Andrew (who will be my loving husband by the time the concert happens) if he would go with me… and he was like “um… I only know like 3 of their songs… and um… I don’t know if I would be the best choice to go with you”

and he’s got a point… because when we saw Depeche Mode last year… he enjoyed himself… but he didn’t know their songs like I did… and so while I was singing along with the majority of the crowd… Andrew was trying to follow along and rock out despite not knowing many of the lyrics…

oh also… well… no offense to my sweetie… but… he might um… STAND OUT at the show amongst the other NIN fans… my future hubby is for lack of a better word… a nerd…and while I totally [heart] nerds… I don’t know if he would feel comfortable…

so there is this guy that I work with (he’s my fan club… for those of you following along) and things have gotten better with him… it’s not so much a stalker vibe anymore as it’s a bit of a weird infatuation one (über heavy on the sexual innuendo... but seemingly harmless... albeit pesky and still space-invady)… heh... he’s actually wearing The Downward Spiral t-shirt today… and I was talking about the concert to the Chairman… and he overheard and was all “COOL” and I was like “yea…” and he was like “Irvine isn’t far to go…” and I was like “um… yea”

and then I put my headphones back on…

ugh… I haven’t extended my “co-worker” friends into my “real life” friends circle too much (I went to an Ozomatli concert with Chairman and Laura… and that was cool… even though we didn’t see each other for more than 5 minutes because they got there late and every other person in LONG BEACH was already there) and I've talked about doing stuff with this other lady (who is totally cool and I would totally hang out with) but um… I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go to a NIN concert with this guy…

and not just because it might be a little awkward when Trent sings “I want to FUCK YOU LIKE AN ANIMAL”

another update (because I'm busy but also bored... very VERY bored)... I was talking about the concert and how no one I know really wants to go with me... and fan club says he'd go with me and I was like... um... the tickets are kinda expensive... and he's like "find some for less than $100 and I'll (winkwink) think about it" and then we were talking about prior concerts and he tells a co-worker who joins into the convo and he's like "she's (nods at me) is trying to get me to buy her $100 concert tickets" and I was like "DUDE... I NEVER asked you to buy me a ticket... and even IF (like a BIG F-ING IF) we were going to go... you wouldn't have to buy my ticket" and he smiles and winks and says "you know I would" like it would be a DATE or something...

gah... I swear I'm not asking for this... why do some guys mix up nice and friendly with "i think you're hot"... I'm a smart ass... but there's never anything beyond the snark to indicate interest... wtf...


so topic of the (mid) week... how does everyone handle their "work friends" relationships…

is it like high school (again) or do YOUR co-workers actually act like the adults that they're supposed to be...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Soundtrack of Your Life

Here's an interesting twist on the cliched "If Hollywood made a film about your life, who would play you?" question: If Hollywood made a film about your life, what would be on the soundtrack?

It's a question that was fairly popular on an old message board I frequented and was put to me again by S. months ago.

The replies are often quite fun to read. You can learn a lot about someone by the soundtrack they create for themselves.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

We all know women who say that they're more comfortable around men than they are around other women. (I ought to; I dated plenty.)

I'm the other side of that coin. All my life, I've been more comfortable around women than I have been around other men. Don't get me wrong. I like stereotypically "guy" things: I like gadgets, power tools, my truck, hard rock, new hip-hop, blowing stuff up and setting things on fire.

But I have more friends of the fairer sex than I have friends of my own gender.

So--and I know this is a big boast to make--I understand women about as well as a man can understand a woman. I'm a little tired at the moment, and I know this begs a longer post, but this is what I understand: Women are, deep down, daddy's girls. The reason most (if not a majority) of women like "jerks" is because jerks at least have self-confidence. (It's just the controlling nature that becomes tiresome.) Deep down, all women are fairly self-conscious, to different degrees. Deep down, you all believe in true love and "soulmates." There are other things I've observed, but those are the "biggies," the ones that come to mind right away.

But here's my question, ladies--and you have to remember that this blog is a unique opportunity for me to discuss this since I am the lone male among all you lovely women: What do men not know about women that you all wish we did?

Sorry I've been out of touch. And just let me say that I love the new graphic at the top. Thank you for that!